What do you want to do with your life? Sometimes it feels like someone has been asking you this question since the day you were born. Sometimes you are the person asking the question to yourself.

Whether you are deciding whether or not to go to college, what you want to do after college, or you are in a job or profession that is not fulfilling, we will help you find your true path. Through proven coaching techniques, we will help you determine what drives your passion.  Life is full of possibilities. Coach Randal Suozzo helps people sort through their possibilties to find their true passion and enables them to lead a life full of purpose and happiness.  Contact us, and allow Coach Randal Suozzo to help you lead your life on a journey that ​will provide you with fulfillment and joy.

Go to the contact page and fill out the form to contact Coach Randal or call or email 603-305-6139 or [email protected]
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Passion Discovery Coaching
"Today is the first day of the rest of your life." 
- Charles Dederich

What journey will you choose for yourself?

~Coaching students towards a successful 
   AND fulfilling future