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Passion Discovery Coaching
Coaching Contact and Rate Information
Contact Coach Randal Suozzo, CPC, ELI-MP
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Evening and Weekend hours available by appointment.

Contact Randal Suozzo by email, tex message, voicemail, or by using the form below to begin the process of getting the most out of your life.  Deciding what you want to do with your life is a decision that has all kinds of possibilities.  Each path in front of you leads somewhere.  Every person has a different set of paths, or possibilties, and each person is faced with making a decision that is best for them.  My job is help you find what is the best decision for you.  Allow yourself to opportuniy to work with a coach to empower you to be true to your self, and make the decision that allows you the most success in leading a life full of happiness and passion.
While helpful coaching can be done in one session, successful, lasting coaching takes several sessions. Initial sessions can take 45-60 minutes, but each successive session is generally 40-45 minutes. Rates are set up as monthly fees, with each session generally scheduled on a weekly basis. Call or email to inquire more about the different packages available. Also inquire about our limited, thirty (30) minute complimentary introduction coaching sessions to find out if coaching is right for you.

The one month Starter Package: This package is for new clients only and includes four (4) weekly telephone sessions and a limited number of texts and emails.

The three month Standard Package: Includes ten (10) telephone sessions and unlimited texts and emails.

The Gold Package allows for more flexible scheduling and can be used as needed up to twice per week or spread over period up to six (6) months: Includes sixteen (16) sessions and unlimited texts and emails. The Energy Leadership (TM) package can also be purchased at a 50% discount when combined with the standard gold package.

ADD-ON - $200
Energy Leadership (TM) Index: includes an assessment report and 60-75 minute debrief of the results. Combining with a coaching package is not required, but highly recommended. 

All packages listed are standard. Other packages can be created for clients who require more flexibility or prefer in person sessions.