Born in New Jersey and youngest of three boys, Coach Randal Suozzo currently lives with his family in New Hampshire and enjoys visiting relatives on Cape Cod whenever possible. 

Coach Randal graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire and is currently a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of New Hampshire. He has held positions as a mechanical engineer, process (chemical) engineer, and project (environmental) engineer, each with different companies. He originally got into the engineering field because of his love for math.  

Today, Coach Randal's love for people drives him to be more of a leader, and to help others become more of who they truly are. A graduate of a leading coaching school, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Coach Randal started Passion Discovery Coaching immediately upon becoming certified as an Energy Leadership™  Index - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). The goal of Passion Discover Coaching is to provide students with insight into themselves and align them with the path of opportunities that fit their true desires.
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Passion Discovery Coaching
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Coach Randal Suozzo, CPC, ELI-MP
This is my story of how I became a Certified Professional Coach. It begins back when I was a senior in high school trying to decide where to go to college, and what to study.

I was always very good at math and many of my classmates who enjoyed math as much as I did planned to study engineering. After some investigation, I decided that I could enjoy engineering if it meant continuing to apply my math skills. When I received my acceptance letter to the University of New Hampshire my parents were a bit surprised because they actually didn’t know I had applied to the engineering school. They assumed I had applied to the business school. We talked about it and simply agreed that I could do anything I wanted with an engineering degree after college.

So I started my college career as an undecided engineering student. After a year I decided that Mechanical Engineering would be my major because it seemed to be the most encompassing engineering field. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I realized that I didn’t really like engineering. However, since I really didn’t know what I wanted to do I thought the most important thing was to get a degree. I finished my college career and began looking for other career paths. I did, however, interview with a couple of engineering companies as a safety net.

I had two job offers out of college. One was as a mechanical engineer and the other in the finance industry. I decided that after all of my hard work I should at least give my engineering degree a chance. I think you know what happened next…I didn’t like it.

I spent less than two years at my first job as a mechanical engineer. Next, I found a nice job working alongside chemical engineers. This job lasted six years, until I wanted to start a family. I decided to leave for a job that did not require the travel I was doing. I moved into the environmental engineering industry, which is where I am currently making my living and supporting my family. The goal was to find a company where I could spend my career. While with my current employer, I have been contacted by several recruiters. Each time I would listen to the prospect, always keeping an open mind. After turning them all down, I realized that moving to another job in engineering wasn’t the answer. I am good at what I do; I enjoy what I do; and I work at a good company with some very good people. I didn’t need something different, I needed something more. Something I could put my passion into.

When my son turned five years old and started T-ball I decided to coach his team. I loved it. It was then that I started looking further into what kind of coaching opportunities may be out there. I had always thought of coaching a local high school football team, but I could never figure out how to make that work with a full-time job. My research led me to something I had never heard of before; it was Life Coaching.

I immediately loved the idea of life coaching but could not sell myself on it. After speaking with a graduate from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) for a second time, I decided to take a leap of faith. I enrolled in an eight month training program to become certified as a life coach.

Wow, it was simply an amazing experience! The training consisted of over 350 hours of training, including four, three day weekends. It was the very first weekend when I decided who I wanted to coach. After getting certified I would coach students to help them discover what they want to do after graduation. It took me far too long to find something I could be passionate about. As a coach, I could help others figure out where they want their lives to lead and to coach them in discovering their passion. Why should people spend years of their lives looking for something they can be passionate about? The value of finding a way to increase fulfillment, happiness, and passion in my life was immeasurable. I wish I had someone to coach me when I was younger. Now, I can be that person for someone else.

Coach Randal Suozzo, CPC, ELI-MP
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